I’m not sure why it says I’m still in school.  But I’m glad to have this paid off before my 6-month grace period ran out.  It’s a nice feeling, being debt free.


10 thoughts on “also

  1. :) Thanks, everyone.

    It was only $3,500 but I started paying it off before I even graduated. So I didn’t have a lot to pay off, but I’m glad it’s taken care of. This loan was from the school I went to in Japan and I paid for this school entirely on my own. So yeah. Good times.

  2. Nice… I owe about £13,000 at the moment (uggh that sounds so much already), with another year still to go. It would be £16,000, but my tuition was less this year because of study abroad. I’m not looking forward to the final amount…

  3. Great job! Keeping your debt under control and eliminating it as fast as possible is the best way to control your own destiny in this world.

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