a tribute

To “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (the movie, we haven’t read the comics).

Meet Knives Shadow Faux:

I happened upon her on my way home from work at 5am on Saturday.  I knew that I couldn’t leave her outside to be hit by a car and it was too early to go knocking on people’s doors to find if she had an owner.  When I got home Jason was sleeping (of course, it was 5:30 by this time) and I woke him up to introduce him to the newest member of our family.  I ended up going back out to the store to get litter and a box, food and bowls.  Afraid that she might have an accident, we put her in the bathroom at first but her incessant meowing quickly convinced us to let her out.  She promptly hopped on our bed where she wouldn’t sit still for the longest time.  When she finally did lay down, she did so quite loudly.  She purred and meowed, which meant that when I eventually got up at 10, about three and a half hours later, I hadn’t gotten much sleep.

Jason had work and I knew she had fleas since I had found one on our bathroom floor and a few in our bed (all of which I was able to catch and kill).  Before he had to leave, we went to our local pet store and picked up some flea shampoo.  We gave her a bath before Jason left and I spent about two hours combing through her fur and finding a copious amount of fleas still alive.  This was quite discouraging since the shampoo was supposed to “kill fleas on contact.”  So I gave her another bath and combed her down for another hour or so.  I had to babysit at 6 and decided to use our leftover flea foggers from when we moved in over a year ago.  Taking Knives with me, I set off the foggers (incorrectly, it turns out, heh) and went to drop her off at Jason’s work.  On the way there, I picked up some Advantage and applied it to the back of her neck as instructed.

Fortunately Jason was able to get off early so she only had to hang out in the car for about 15 minutes before they went back home.  When I got back from babysitting, I sat on our stripped bed (Jason had the bedding in the laundry) and started combing her some more.  I still found live fleas on her.  Feeling really frustrated, I decided we needed to give her another bath before we set off the foggers again.  Fortunately a friend of mine told me that Advantage takes about one or two days (though the sales associate at the pet shop said it took an hour or two) so I decided to give it a chance.  On Sunday night I combed her down again and found no fleas.  Hurray!  Also, we set off the foggers on Monday morning and dropped Jason off at work while I ran some errands to pass the two hours we’re supposed to give the foggers.

So it seems we’re officially flea free.  And so far there have been no flyer sightings for a missing kitten.  We’ll give it another week before we permanently claim her as our own.  And she’s quite the cuddle bug, she’s laying across my lap as I type this. :)


4 thoughts on “a tribute

  1. Jason was supposed to have called you by now. But since you mentioned it. . .We’re coming down for a concert on Wednesday but we wanted to come down to you guys on Tuesday after Jason’s classes. We’re planning on bringing Knives as long as it’s okay with you guys. We’re going to leave around 2:30 and wanted to have dinner when we got into town. Either way, we’ll see you soon! :)

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