Not only is it a blessing to have such a fantastic job, one where I only have to work three days a week, with benefits and good pay, we’ve also run into more blessing the last few days. 

When we moved into our current place I set up our PG&E bills to be paid electronically.  Unfortunately they aren’t paid automatically so I have to manually go through the payment process each month (so easy, just the push of three buttons really).  Since we’ve moved here last September I have never been late with a payment.  For the month of September I thought I had paid the bill on the 23rd but when I checked our bank account at the beginning of October, I noticed the money hadn’t been withdrawn.  I immediately went to the PG&E site and made sure it went through this time.  A few days ago I received an email saying that our balance was -$82.  Forgive me for being ignorant but I automatically thought it was because I had been late with our last payment.  I called customer service and he said that we’re actually being rewarded for our good payment history!  What a nice surprise!  And he told me that we don’t have to start paying a bill until the balance is down to zero.  Amazing.

And I know I already mentioned it, but I just got a letter from AES (American Education Services) officially stating that my loan is paid in full and no further action is necessary.  Yay!

And lastly, Jason filled out a FAFSA at the beginning of the year he was awarded a good chunk of money (and won’t have to pay tuition for the whole year).  And we just got another awesome check.  Wow. 

I don’t want to seem really worldly or anything, but it is such a blessing to be receiving these things.  Thanks, God.  We don’t really deserve it, though we certainly appreciate it.


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