& sons

We went to a Mumford & Sons concert on Wednesday.  Oh my.  It was amazing.  It’s always really iffy whether a band is still good live and I’m please to say that Mumford & Sons can put on a great show.  What really struck me is that it was almost a spiritual experience to join them in song.  There is something so beautiful and enchanting about music, it speaks to our souls and I believe it can bring people together like nothing else can.  Two songs especially gave me goosebumps.  As soon as those opening chords began the audience was cheering and making joyous noise.  And we sang through it all.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to have so many voices singing a song you wrote, to share your passion and have it returned to you many times over.

This first video is especially awesome because it looks quite similar to the venue where the show was, they even had the strings of lights hanging from the balcony.  Just a warning if you haven’t heard the song, the f-word is used in the chorus.


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