knick knacks

Just stuff.  A smattering of thoughts and randomness floating in my head.

So Jason has heard this story just about every time I’ve told it.  He says it’s my favorite one to tell.  And it’s kind of fun shocking people.  Anyway, it always starts with “how was your Thanksgiving?” and when I follow it by a “it sucked” I get lots of odd glances and furrowed brows.  To explain.  I went to work, which means I didn’t get to spend it with family, which already puts it on the low end of the scale as far as Thanksgiving experiences go.  Then about 5 hours into the shift I start feeling kinda weird.  I still went around doing my job but I felt sub par.  Around midnight when I took my lunch break is when it started getting really bad.  I ended up spending the whole of my break in the bathroom trying to throw up.  I didn’t.  So when I got back from lunch my co-worker (angel that she is) told me that she was going to go on her lunch and when she got back I could go home.  She asked if I would be alright until she got back and I assured her that I would be.  cough.  So then I’m sitting in my chair, praying that no one comes in because I’ve got my head on the desk because it is way too bright in the room and I’m just not feeling it.  I had enough presence of mind to grab a throw up bag  And I’m glad I did because I started throwing up and the cleaning lady (bless her heart) went and got the nurses who all came out and started asking me all kinds of questions, telling me that I needed to go home.  So I finally did, throwing up on the way (don’t worry, I pulled over).  When I got home I ended up throwing up a whole lot more, at least 10 times in total.  I have never felt so sick in my life.  I considered going back to work and checking in but I really didn’t like the thought of riding in a car in my condition.

As far as terrible Thanksgivings go, I hope that never gets topped.


I’ve got Christmas off.  And I’m excited.  My dad’s side of the family always has a big get-together, lots of great food and wonderful company and I haven’t been able to go in three or four years.  I’m super stoked to be able to hand my gifts to them (all handmade :) and spend lots of great time with them.  I also get to see my friend Steph that I met in Japan.  So far we’ve managed to see each other once a year at least since we met and I’m so happy we’re keeping up the tradition.  And Jason and I are going to see the Nutcracker.  I haven’t seen it in years, it’s gonna be great.  Also in the distant future is a cruise to Alaska with a big family group.   I’ve wanted to go to Alaska for a long time now, more than I want to visit Hawaii.  Everyone goes to Hawaii but not everyone goes to Alaska.  Plus, Alaska’s beauty is more my style.  While I appreciate the tropical beauty Hawaii and the like have to offer, I love the rugged beauty that Alaska holds.  So excited for this trip.


Does Time really heal all wounds?

Must we apply the salve ourselves or does it come automatically?

Because the scars on my heart still aren’t healed

And Time’s had plenty of. . .

Time to work its healing magic

You and You still weigh heavy

I’m ready for you to leave now


It’s almost 4.  I can go home soon.


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