salt of the earth

A few days ago it was our 1.5 anniversary.  Yeah, I know it’s not really something most people celebrate but I wanted an excuse to do something.  We stayed in, had a nice dinner, watched a couple episodes of Castle, and were going to enjoy a nice, warm cinnamon roll.  When I was making them I had a taste of the dough and was a bit suspicious when it tasted too salty but I figured I’d give it a go anyway and just make them again if they didn’t turn out right.  After they came out of the oven I tried them again and determined that there was too much salt.

So.  I made them again.

Same story, they were too salty.  At this point I had run out of powdered sugar for the glaze so I tried using normal sugar instead.  When I took a taste of the glaze it was too salty.  Realizing the likely source of the problem, I tasted a bit of the sugar and discovered that it tasted a lot like salt.  I have no idea what happened to it since I’ve been using the same canister for sugar for a long time and hadn’t encountered the problem before.  Fortunately I had another container of uncontaminated sugar and tried the rolls once again.  They are pretty good.  And they provided me another excuse to pull out my apron.


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