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I’m so excited because I just got this book on Thursday and just in flipping through the pages my head is spinning with gift ideas.  I’m already thinking of what I could use as Christmas gifts this year and I’m so stoked about getting elbow deep in projects.  I’ve already finished one of the projects (I made two actually) but I can’t quite share because they are a gift.  After I’ve given the gift I’ll blog about it.

I was talking with my dad today about how much crafting has meant to me over the years.  When I was 9 my mom enrolled me in a sewing class that I ended up sticking with for 6 years.  The teacher was amazing, just someone who opened up her home to pass on her love of all things fabric/yarn related.  She was so talented and really had a passion for what she did.  I’m so blessed to have that foundation to build off of and I’m happy to have the time to really do what I love.  I also got an awesome book for Christmas frmo my in-laws and between the two books I’ll be busy for a while.  Plus, I have some ideas on what future projects I want to do without the aid of a pattern.  I’m excited to share those with you.

(you know the drill)


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