oh, baby

So this month I made two things, I guess three if you want to get really technical.  One of the projects came from the Sewn by Hand book and the other came from my brain (I’m having one of those nights, feelin’ kinda loopy).  I’m really happy with how both projects came out and am especially glad I finished them in time as they were gifts to my new niece.  (She is absolutely beautiful and perfect and I can’t wait to get to spend more time with her.)

I’ve always been a knitter, that was the kind of yarn work I decided I was more drawn to.  When I was younger I tried my hand at crochet but I didn’t like it as much.  But I recently was taught by a friend of mine and I thought it would be cool to make a blanket for the new baby.  After several false starts (four to be exact) I finally finished my first crochet project.  It’s still a little lopsided but I don’t think it takes away from the happiness of being able to hand this off to someone I love.

And all stretched out


I’m quite proud of this one, that “K” is handwritten

And here are the hand-sewn projects

And my favorite one

I originally sewed this and the heart on top but like the “cutout” look better



I liked how the white embroidery thread stood out on the back


And I can’t forget the buttons, they were too cute!

I loved working with these fabrics and would love to make more bibs like these.  I really enjoyed diving into the world of hand sewing.  Susan Wasinger makes a great point in her book, how hand sewing is such a contemplative and beautiful art, it’s so quite and it’s so easy to carry with you.  You’re not chained to a desk or table and there’s something so meditative about it.  I loved seeing the finished product of my quiet hands and loved the feel of pulling the thread through the fabric.  It was an almost spiritual experience and I’m so ready to start my next hand sewn project.  Probably using one or all of these fabrics again. ;)


2 thoughts on “oh, baby

  1. I love hearing about your creativity and how it inspires you! Next time you see little Anna, give her a hug for me, too, ok?

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