zippin’ along

I’m sure you know by now how much I love the Sewn by Hand book.  This project also came from it and was really easy to make.  Each one only took a few hours and I really like the finished product.  I have to say that my favorite part are the zipper flowers, they so easy and add a nice flair.


Close-up of the flowers:

 And the lining:

Excuse all the pictures, I just love how all the flowers turned out.  I really want to get zippers with more color but I also like the silver teeth a lot.  Next time I’m at a thrift store I think I’ll see if there are any zippers around.  I need to build up a nice collection, like princesslaserton, but with zippers. :)


5 thoughts on “zippin’ along

  1. next week my sisters will be in town and I hear you guys are all gonna hang with that British chic =)….teehee sorry can’t remember her name =) ….anywho maybe sometime soon…plus I don’t think Jason was very entertained by me since I got home and just wanted to chillax =)

  2. lol, her name is Laura. Yeah, hopefully soon. And he said he enjoyed watching “Friends” with you. He really loves that show so I think he was pretty entertained. ;)

    Have fun with your sisters!

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