i’m sorry, did i offend you?

My friend posted something about abortion on facebook yesterday.  And it got a lot of attention.  It’s probably no surprise to anyone that a lot of people had strong opinions.  And one person in particular felt that my friend who is "enlightened" was being judgmental and self righteous.  I personally don’t think my friend was being either of those things.  Anymore than the person accusing him of being so.  I have to wonder what it is about the world that thinks that we as Christ followers are supposed to bend over backward to agree with things we are in disagreement with.  I feel like if I voice my own opinions, as everyone else is doing, I’m going to be called judgmental, hypocrite, narrow minded, and a slew of other names.  I understand we are to be loving and kind to those we come in contact with.  That does not mean we have to be doormats.  It frustrates me so when I feel like my opinion is automatically invalidated because of my religious beliefs.  I don’t want to be offensive or abrasive, I simply want my opinions to be just as valid as everyone else’s.

Can I get an amen! ;)