I saw this bumper sticker a while back.  And for all the things I love about this season, what I really don’t love is how much the consumerism of our society really stands out.  I keep getting catalogs that proclaim their products will bring “joy.”  Everyone wants me to buy their junk and it makes me sad.  There’s such a mentality to fill our life with stuff and that will make us happy.  So many people try to fill up whatever cracks exist with things, thinking when they have this, that, or the other thing they will finally be satisfied.  “If I only had that house” or “that car” or “that job”… “then, then I’ll be happy and want for nothing.”  I know sometimes I can get caught up in that lie, it’s so easy to let it take over.  But.  Really I know true joy cannot come from material items.  Or even wanting less.  I’m thankful every day for the salvation I pin my hopes and dreams on.  I’ve got a Savior who’s bigger than my problems, bigger than my sorrows, and He’s willing to bestow upon me true joy and happiness.

That’s something worth rejoicing over.


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