Oh, man.  So much stuff going on right now.  I’m currently making chili, rice, and bread.  (Also.  I’m writing this post.)  I shredded a butt-load of cheese earlier and I’m about to work on the "major project" that I’ve been talking about.  I should also make a phone call but I’m thinking I’ll let that sit until tomorrow.  Don’t want to overdo it too much.  My body does not move nearly as fast as my brain wishes it would.  Bummer, dude.

I’ve been furiously reading "Blue Like Jazz" and yes, I know, I’m super behind the times.  Everyone and their mom told me to read it and I wish I had already.  I’m borrowing it from a friend but I definitely need to own it.  If I had read it earlier, I would probably have read it about 4 times by now.  Seriously, I love it that much.

Another thing I love?  This.  Jason bought one last year and while it’s technically his, I’m definitely taking advantage of it.  I’ve loaded a ton of classic literature on it and I’ve already read Dracula (which I LOVED btw, wasn’t expecting that).  My friend pointed this out to me, totally amazing and awesome.  I’m so glad we’re Prime members.

And tomorrow is the girls’ sleep over.  Ah, life is sweet.


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