I know it’s not over yet, but the weekends go by way too quickly.  We had our girls/guys sleepovers and I didn’t get nearly enough sleep (but you never do at sleepovers, they’re not very well named) so I’m thinking of taking a nap because I have to babysit in two hours.  Also, we had to take our boy kitty to the vet to get his vaccines.  He was so happy with us!  Not.  Anyway, I just think our weekends need to be at least three days long on a regular basis.  I had Veteran’s Day off last Friday and I really enjoyed having that extra day.  And this week I only have to work three days!  I really love Thanksgiving, and it’s not just because I have two paid holidays back-to-back (though that certainly helps).  I really love the family time, the good food, and the reminders of how blessed I am.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious on a daily basis how much God has given me, but it’s nice to have a day where we really dig deep in our thankfulness.  I love sitting around the table with family and being able to celebrate each other with each other.  It’s a really warm, wonderful feeling.  I really do love this time of year.


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