At the end of the day, when I am lying in bed and I know the chances of any of our theology being exactly right are a million to one, I need to know that God has things figured out, that if my math is wrong we are still going to be okay.  And wonder is that feeling we get when we let go of our silly answers, our mapped out rules that we want God to follow.  I don’t think there is any better worship than wonder.

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller : page 206 : copyright 2003

Oh, Don, you’ve hit the nail right on the head.  I feel this so much right now.  So many times I want to throw up my hands and say, "who cares?"  There’s so much squabbling within the church over really stupid issues.  And sometimes I think we’re so focused on those issues that we miss the things that really matter.  And please don’t think I don’t appreciate what churches do, the positive things they have accomplished for many people the world over.  It’s just that we get so stuck in our in-house fighting that sometimes we miss the simple things, like loving people, caring for the widowed, the orphaned, the sick, and homeless.  Jesus’ message was not complicated, it was controversial, but it was not complicated.  And my God is bigger than our little boxes we attempt to put Him in.  Thank God for that.