I am so blessed.  This list will by no means cover everything, nor will it even scratch the surface.  But here we go nonetheless.  In no particular order. . .

Family (immediate, extended, adopted):


I have a wonderful support system and I’m so grateful for everyone in it.

Nature and the changing seasons:



I am always amazed at the beauty that I find around me.  I sometimes feel like the universe is sharing a secret with me when I’m able to capture it in the simplest of things.

 Despite all its flaws, I am thankful to be born in the USA:

I have so much freedom because I was born here.  I can’t believe how simple and profound that is and I’m so thankful that it’s mine.

I’m thankful for my salvation:

While aspects of faith are still not clear (and some I suspect will never be, otherwise why would I need God?), I am so thankful for the simple message that I am saved because God decided to sacrifice His son for me.  Avoiding eternal damnation creates a strong sense of gratitude.

I love our babies:

They are crazy and frustrating and cute and cuddly and silly and and and.  They are extremely precious to me.

And I love my job.  I am so blessed to work with the people I do.  They really care about the services we provide our clients and working well with the rest of the team in the office.  My supervisor is an amazing woman: humble, gentle, kind, affirming.  She is willing to hear my questions and really work through problems with me.  I appreciate the grace she extends to me.  And I really love the other people in my unit, people who are open to help out and lend a hand or go the extra mile.  I love my clients (even if they really frustrate me at times, but really, who doesn’t?) and that I’m able to really feel like I’m making a difference in their lives.  I love getting to know them and their quirks, how I can treat them with respect and how I can best support them.  They are all beautiful individuals and I’m so blessed to get to work with them.  God is showing me the beauty in every person and it makes my work with them go that much smoother.

I live a charmed life.  I’ve been given so much and I only hope that at the end of the day, I’ve given all I can to make the world a better place.


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