let your light shine

I think this will be my last project for 2011 unless I can manage to fit something in in the next two days.  I had a lot of false starts with this one, discovered the challenges in working with wax, both paraffin and soy.  I found that paraffin does not work well in containers and the middle sinks as it cools.  Also, paraffin comes in huge chunks that I had to shave pieces off of while the soy wax already came as flakes.  It was really fun to play around with the colors and scents though.  And I think the recipients enjoy them.

I had a lot of fun with these “hot chocolate” candles which also smelled like chocolate

after it cooled, I painted the container

here’s what I sent my host mother and father in Japan

and the strawberry scented candle for my host mother

Jason enjoyed playing with the rejects


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