Tonight has two pictures.  This I took on my way to work this morning (don’t worry, this was at a red stop light).  It marks the beginning of a wonderful day.  A day of connecting with my co-workers and clients in positive ways, building more bridges and connections with people in my professional life.  Seriously.  I am so blessed by this job.

This was taken about 30 minutes ago, right outside our friends’ house.  They are an amazing couple and they mean so much to Jason and me.  We’ve been in a Wednesday night Life Group with them for almost three years and I’ve enjoyed the deep connections we’ve built with them.  God is changing my heart about staying in the area.  He’s showing me that maybe my plans are not as set in stone as I believed them to be.  It’s true, maybe what I’ve been wanting – to move closer to our families – will come to fruition.  But maybe not.  And maybe that’s okay.  I need to release my grip on my plans for the future, and let Him take over.  He’s never let me down before.

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