bookin’ it

I’ve started my Christmas gifts now because last year I didn’t start until mid to late November and that was waaaay too stressful.  I’m trying to personalize the gifts this year because the last two years I just made mass quantities of one item and customized it to fit the person (or couple) who was receiving it.  I probably won’t make this a normal thing as it’s a lot harder and requires more time and thought.  But, it is really fun to be so thoughtful with what I’m gifting.  One of the projects I’m doing is a photo journal; I got the idea here and loved its simplicity.  I did have to make some changes and had some trial and error.  First of all, it was really challenging trying to find a way to have the pictures print using most of the page.  I eventually figured it out, after printing out a lot of test sheets and using lots of ink.  The first book I made doesn’t have even pages because I was trying to use a half sheet as a guide but it kept slipping and getting shaved smaller and smaller.  And the spine is not even.  But I do like the more “homemade” feel to it.  After using the Elmer’s glue to put it all together and then trying to flip through the pages, I decided reinforcement was necessary.  I was going to use a hammer and nail to create holes and then sew it together.  I ended up using really big, flat headed thumbtacks and just left them in.  I like the more rugged look they add.

I want to share what other projects I’ve found and the end products but I have to be careful what I share here before Christmas.  I might just have to wait until after the fact.

cost breakdown (per book):

photo paper: $.43
ink: $.17
glue: $2.47 (for the whole bottle)
filler paper: had on hand
tacks: had on hand
binding paper: free (grabbed a paper bag from the grocery store)

total: $3.07