wordy wednesday: hell in a handbasket

This year’s New Year’s resolution is to blog more, and to write more in general.  Last year was one of the “driest” years for my writing.  I’ve been writing in journals since I was quite young, 6 or 7, and I’ve been pretty consistent in journaling since then.  I feel that last year’s focus on photography meant that I kind of left writing by the wayside, something I want to rectify this year.  So I’m going to write here at least three times a week.  Mondays will be “Mindful Monday” where I share what’s on my mind for the week, day, moment, whatever.  Wednesdays, as you can see, will be “Wordy Wednesday” where I will examine an idiom, stating it’s meaning and origin.  Fridays are “Fantastic Friday” where I share something I’m thankful for.  I’m excited to blog more and to write in my personal journals more.  My brother got me a new journal for Christmas and I have another one I bought this summer that I’m itching to fill.  Here goes.


Today’s idiom: hell in a handbasket

Meaning: a situation deteriorating or declining with haste

Origin: There are mixed opinions.  Some think that the use of the word “handbasket” refers to how easily things are going downhill, while others think that is just a way to make the phrase more catchy.  Another source stated that it could be the opposite of the phrase “going to heaven in a wheelbarrow.”   Many of the sources state that prolific use of “hell in a handbasket” started around the  beginning of the 20th century, though it did appear in an 1841 sermon.  Essentially, it has a muddled history.

Sources: all experts. wikipedia. phrases. yahoo! voices.


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