fantastic friday: employment

Everyday I’m so thankful to have a job.  And especially one that I enjoy and look forward to doing.  I never thought this would be the kind of work I would do, but God knows best and I’m so glad He’s the one guiding me.  I’ve found something I’m good at, enjoy, and really benefits others.  I’m so thankful for all the people who encouraged me to apply and celebrated with me when I got the call offering me the position.  I did love my job at the hospital, but I’m really thankful to be working a day shift again.  I’m thankful for the clients I work with and all my co-workers.  It’s  not an easy thing that we do, but I feel there’s a wonderful support system found in the people in the cubicles around me.  Both jobs that I’ve had after graduation were not what I saw myself doing, but they really have shown me where my strengths and passions lie.  It really is amazing how God works.


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