mindful monday: mourning

This week in Group we talked about fasting.  One of the types of fasting we seemed to be fascinated by was in the context of mourning.  We talked about how, in the US at least, it seems like two weeks is the “acceptable” amount of time to mourn before one is expected to go back to normal life.  But Jason pointed out that it takes much longer than that to really process the loss of someone.  And I do think it’s an awful shame that society expects a person to move on so quickly, to go back to routine when he or she loses someone near and dear.

Since I’ve moved here my dad and I have talked nearly every week.  This week we talked about Dave, a dear man from church who passed away while he was still so young.  He had been a helper in my 5/6th grade Wednesday night class.  His wife found a valentine I gave him and shared it with Dad.  I don’t remember writing it, but I am so touched that he would keep something that I made him.  I have very distinct memories of him helping me when we were doing writing activities in the class.  If I didn’t know how to spell something, he would kneel down next to my chair, take the pen in his hand, and write out the word using different spellings.  Together we would decide which one looked right.  Those memories bring tears to my eyes and I know I still mourn him, so many years later.


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