fantastic friday: good customer service

Seriously.  Our car’s headlight just went out and I took it to O’Reilly’s today.  After buying the bulb I asked if an employee could help me install it.  The employee came out and tried to get the bulb out for about 10 minutes, contorting his hand and trying every possible angel. A co-worker, who was coming back from helping someone else in the parking lot, came over and tried his hand at getting the bulb out.  It would not budge.  Eventually the first employee had to go back inside to help other customers but the other employee stayed outside with me, trying to figure it out.  He eventually said, “Let me clock out and get a wrench.”  He came back a few minutes later with two wrenches.  After struggling with it a while longer, and trying different things, he finally got it to come out and was able to install the new bulb.  I could not believe the dedication of both employees, especially when one of them was done with his shift.  They both made my day.

I know customer service is not the most notable thing in a lot of US companies (one of the things I miss about Japan, they were always polite and helpful), but I’m so happy when I see employees who really care about helping and being kind.  We need more of that in general, not just when someone’s getting paid.


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