mindful monday: taxes

We tried to get our taxes done tonight.  We’re not quite finished but hopefully they’ll be done next week.  Here’s what’s silly about it.  We’re  using the VITA program, which we’ve used in the past, and they are phenomenal; I’m so thankful for the free service they offer and the awesome volunteers that they have.  I had gotten a brochure last year saying that calls could be made to set up appointments between December and March.  Well, I called in mid December and finally had someone contact me on December 26th as we were driving back from L.A.  I had wanted to do the efiling option but was told that they didn’t provide that service anymore.  I was also told that they actually weren’t making appointments until January and so I would be called back then.

January passed and I didn’t hear back from anyone so I finally called in February, but wasn’t able to get an appointment until today.  Well, when I relayed this to our tax preparer (super nice guy), he said that the person who called me had gotten another job before January and that’s why I never got a call back.  Silly me for trying to get my taxes done as soon as possible, but I’m glad it wasn’t just because the lady forgot.  Anyway, we hit a snag tonight and are supposed to call back next week to set up another appointment to finish our taxes.  Again, the volunteers were amazing and and are trying to get us the most out of the return as possible.  I’m thankful for them and all that they do.


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