fantastic friday: thrift stores

I know it’s silly, but I’m really thankful for thrift stores.  I’ve managed to amass a nice collection of random items and have slowly built up my closet over the years from frugal purchases.  Our DVD collection has also grown mostly from thrift store purchases or $5 movies at Target.  This weekend I’ll be working on a project where all of the pieces were bought at various thrift stores.  I plan on showing you when they are finished and also do a cost breakdown.

There’s also something about not buying into the totally consumerist i-have-to-have-all-the-best-and-newest-stuff mentality.  I like being part of the recycle movement in the things that I do buy, I feel like I’m helping the environment and I’m being a good steward of this beautiful earth we were given to care for.  Plus, I know that at least three of the thrift stores are supporting our community, and I totally dig that.


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