“a-mason” shelf

Get it?  Like, “amazing.”  I’m so punny.

Anyway, I turned all this:

into this:

here’s how:

I (well, mostly Jason, I love that guy) broke the pegs off:

I had originally used screws to attach the pegs but they were really crooked so I used wood glue instead:

I made pilot holes in the lid of the jars:

and screwed them in:

And then I painted the blackboard paint on the edge.  And now I have three of these cute little shelves.

Cost breakdown:

Shelves: $4 each (3 shelves)
Mason jars: $.42 each (6 jars)
Jar lids: $.10 each (6 sets)
Pegs: $1 for whole set

Total: $5.52 per shelf


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