mindful monday: worry

Jason led group in discussing worry as it pertains to Matthew 6:25-34.  Marc mentioned something he heard from someone else: “worrying is praying for something you don’t want.”  I think this is a unique and interesting way to look at worrying.  I can be somewhat of a worry wart, though I think I’ve gotten better about letting most things go.  I know that school was a huge contributing factor to my worrying and I’m thankful to find myself more at peace with the day to day things.  I know that God takes care of me every day but there are definitely moments that I need to remind myself that I am in His hands.  I don’t want to rob today of its beauty by worrying all the time.  Another point that Dave brought up is that when I worry, I take away from my faith experience, trying to control a situation when I just need to let go and allow God to do care for me.


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