fantastic friday: surprises

Jason and I drove down to visit my family last night.  On our way we picked Micah up from the airport.  We didn’t get in until about 11 or 11:30 but Dad managed to keep Mom up so we could really surprise her.  It was the greatest thing to see the look on her face when she walked into the living room and saw all three of us standing there.  It was a really precious moment and I’ll hold it close forever.  We then managed to stay up another hour or so just chatting and basking in the warm feeling of being together again.

Friday afternoon we all went to the doctor’s appointment and got another (maybe) good surprise.  The prognosis might not be as bad as we thought.  There’s a feeling of cautious hope.  Micah picked Kelly up from the airport and we spent some time jamming with a close friend of his.  Life is filled with so many unknowns, things that catch us off guard.  I’m thankful for the good surprises and will treasure the blessings they bring.


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