mindful monday: karaoke

Today was another group member’s birthday.  Afterwards we went to a nice restaurant and then to karaoke.  Because it was so late Jason and I left after he finished his song (“Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse).  There weren’t a lot of people aside from our group but it was really fun to sing with everyone, noting the parts that everyone knew as those were the loudest sung.  In Japan karaoke is very popular, but it is done very differently.  Each group has their own room with a booth and a table.  Rather than having it at a bar where everyone and their mom can hear you sing, this allows only the people who are with you to endure (or enjoy, as the case may be) your singing.  I went a few times and it was really fun.  They have menus so you can have an actual meal if you want.  Both places I went to had blacklighting to add to the party atmosphere.  It’s funny to reflect on how different cultures interpret the same thing.


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