This was our first opportunity to explore the land after we left the port in Seward.  There were different opportunities for “excursions” and a group of us decided to go on the kayak excursion.  Even my 92 year old grandma decided to go!  We took a bus out to the beach where we paired off and determined who would be in the front and who would be in the back.  Before we could board our kayaks we had to put on waterproof gear.  We each donned a pair of water pants, boots, and a jacket, over which a lifejacket was snapped on.  My grandma is very short and so they had to fold up the legs and sleeves, which made her look even shorter.  It was very misty as we got ready and so I was thankful for the waterproof gear.  I had decided that the photography opportunities would be too great to pass up so I put my camera into a Ziploc back, taking it out when I was sure it would not get submerged or damaged by water.  We paddled around the area, coming to a bank across from where we took off and got to see a lot of eagles take flight.  The gray, misty air lent itself to a sense of mystery and wonder and we had a great time exploring.

After we got back to the shore, we took a group picture that remains one of my favorites from the trip.  I only wish the whole group could have gone.

When we got back to town we decided to explore Juneau, walking up and down the main street and enjoying all the local shops.  I would have loved to be able to really explore Juneau, without the limits of the ship’s departure.  My cousins, brother, Jason and I had decided to participate in the Battle of the Sexes game that was going to take place on the ship before we were going to leave the dock.  It was fairly informal as we were sitting in a lounge area, seated in a semi-circle.  Ian was the host of the game and we had a good time at the friendly competition.

Before dinner we watched the movie The Conspirator in the theatre.  Again, there weren’t many people and we established that we liked sitting in the front row.

After dinner we ended our day with a game of Aggravation.  Ah, good day.

wordy wednesday: down to the wire

Today’s idiom: down to the wire

Meaning: until the last possible moment

Origin: In horse racing, before the advent of cameras, a wire or thread was drawn across the finish so that it would be easy to determine who had won.  Again, it’s unclear when the phrase came about exactly, but there was an article written in 1889 that used the phrase.

Source: world wide words.