This was a special day because we got to spend time with Grandma, just our family and her.  We decided that since we were so close to the Canadian border we should take a drive and explore the area a little more.  We rented a car in the small town and made our first stop at a little cemetery outside of town.  It was so beautiful, all the little wooden markers amongst the trees and moss.  The trail led us through the cemetery and then to a beautiful waterfall, where Micah, Jason, and I hopped around the rocks, exploring the base of the waterfall before heading back to the van.

Before we reached the Canadian border, we stopped along the windy road to take pictures of the scenery that surrounded us.  There was a deep valley between the road we drove on and a train track, one that looked precariously close to the edge.  As we drove on, I watched it wind its way through the trees.  We passed the boarder and after we made it passed the zenith we pulled over to explore some more and take pictures; we did this a few more times, admiring the rugged beauty.  We had lunch at the Carcross desert, considered the smallest desert in the world, only about one square mile and took some sand (because it’s what we do, apparently).  It was nice to have a quiet afternoon with each other and explore the land a little more.

Before dinner we had our nightly movie, enjoying The King’s Speech.  After our dinner we saw another Broadway dance show, this time themed around the disco theme.  Again, it was so fun to see the talent and really creative and colorful costumes.

That night they were having a game show called the “Newly Wed, Not-So-Newly Wed.”  Jason and I put our names down, along with our cousins who had just celebrated their 1 year anniversary.  They told us that the couples would be randomly chosen, but we’re pretty sure they hand-picked the couples.  They picked our cousin and his wife and three other couples, with wide ranges in length of marriage.  I think Jason and I would have done really well, maybe even have won, but I’m also really glad we weren’t picked since my parents were in the room.  Almost our whole group was there to enjoy my cousins’ embarrassment as they had to answer some pretty intimate and uncomfortable questions.  It was so fun and Ian did a great job as a host of the game show.

Another great day came to a close as we played our nightly game of Aggravation.

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