icy strait point


We didn’t dock at Icy Strait but instead took “tenders,” the boats also used if there’s an emergency (otherwise known as lifeboats ;).  They shuttled us to and from Icy Strait, though our group didn’t go back and forth between ship and land.  When we did arrive on land, we were greeted by a group of red buildings housing different shops, like a little indoor mall.  Micah and I had decided we wanted to do the ZipRider excursion.  Icy Strait is home to the world’s longest zipline, measuring 5,330 feet, a little over a mile, where the rider goes 60mph while getting a spectacular view of the surrounding area.  Not long after we arrived on shore, we had to get in line to board the bus that would take us up the mountain to where the zipline began.  The drive took about an hour and it was awesome to see all the natural beauty.

When we arrived at the top, we had to hike a little through the trees before we got to the platform where we would “take off.”  They took people in groups of six and we were part of one of the last groups.  I started to get a little jittery as it got closer to our turn.  Finally, we were ushered from under the awning we had been waiting under (which was nice to have since it was quite misty) and got strapped into our harnesses.  We were just hanging there, in a weird suspended swing, with our feet up against the gate that would soon swing forward to begin our free fall.  They counted down and then the moment came.  Like riding a roller coaster, my stomach dropped at the initial lurch as gravity was given free reign.  Eventually it settled and I was able to really enjoy the view.  It was so amazing to see all around, here’s the video I took:

Cool, huh?

Anyway, after we landed, we walked around the small  garden path outside and the shops before heading back to the ship.  We enjoyed another movie, The Last Three Days, and had our regular game of Aggravation to end our day.

fantastic friday: grocery shopping

So Friday is often our grocery shopping night.  We decide what we want to eat for the next week and get any ingredients we don’t already have.  Plus we stock up on our fruits and other snacks.  I really hate shopping, but I do love this time to hang out with Jason and laugh while we find things to sustain us.  I love this routine that we have and doing it together makes it something that I look forward to rather than dread.