This was our last day to get to explore land in Alaska.  The first stop was another big souvenir shop, similar to what we had seen in Juneau, so we breezed through it.  We then walked along a street that had many jewelry shops, way too fancy for my taste.  Eventually Jason and I came to a shop that stood out from the rest.  It had locally made products and I found a beautiful bracelet and pair of earrings.  We wandered around a bit longer and made our last stop at another large shop filled with sweaters and all kinds of “Alaska” paraphernalia.  I found a necklace similar to the bracelet and decided to splurge (Jason was in agreement).

After returning to the ship, we hung out a bit before getting ready for our family portraits.  This was the night that the ship had photographers who would take group shots on the fancy staircase in the “lobby” of the ship.  We had agreed to all wear white tops and black pants and so gathered around the staircase after we’d changed into our outfits.  I’m sure all the others who were waiting for their shots weren’t happy with all the different combinations we wanted.  With so many family groups it took a bit of shuffling around to get what we wanted.

After the pictures, it was time to get ready for our second and final formal dinner.  Towards the end of dinner they had music and all the servers came out while the passengers cheered for them.  It was so nice to honor the men who served us throughout the week.

We took more pictures after our dinner on the staircase inside the dining room (apparently this was the night of pictures on staircases).  Once we had finished the pictures and changed out of our formal wear we watched the last Broadway show of the cruise, iBroadway.  Our customary game of Aggravation ended the night.