inside passage


This was a really relaxed day since we stayed on the ship the whole time.  We mostly sat around the breakfast/lunch dining area and played Aggravation.  We did see some whales while we were sitting there.  It was nice to just relax and spend time as a group.  Not wanting to be lazy all day, most of us wandered around the ship before lunch time.  Jason and I listened to a detox presentation that was quite compelling, though I’m not sure I’ll ever been convinced to eat seaweed on a regular basis.  We also went to the theatre deck to watch the Crew Talent Show, “Millennium’s Got Talent,” where we saw dancing, heard singing, and marveled at the talent that made up our crew.  After the talent show was a cook-off between two of the chefs on the ship.  We decided to buy a DVD from the trip, hoping that it would have some of the entertainment we got to enjoy throughout the week (namely the “Newly Wed, Not-So-Newly Wed” show).  Later, we discovered that it was basically a slideshow of pictures they had taken throughout the week with music over the whole thing.  Kinda lame.

We watched our last movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, had our last dinner on the ship, and played our last game of Aggravation.  Our next day was going to be early since we would dock at 7am and we had to be off the ship not long after that. . .


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