fantastic friday: promotion

I got the promotion at work, just found out today.  I can’t believe it!  It’s going to mean more responsibility and I get to work with the tougher clients, but I’m excited about this opportunity.  I was headed out to go do a site visit when our project manager called me, asking me to come to her office.  My mind immediately went to, “what did I do wrong?”  When I got there she had my supervisor on speaker phone and she offered me the position.  I accepted (duh) and was really touched by their thoughtfulness.  They wanted to make sure I knew before the weekend so that I would have something awesome to dwell on.  They’ll officially announce it when we return next Tuesday.  I’m thankful for a job that allows upward mobility.  I’m thankful for my job.

wordy wednesday: the pot calling the kettle black

Today’s idiom: the pot calling the kettle black

Meaning: being guilty of the thing you are accusing someone else of

Origin: It is believed that this phrase came from Don Quixote translated into English in 1620 by Thomas Shelton.  William Penn used it in 1693.

Source: phrases.

mindful monday: visit

I’ve been getting really excited about my parents’ visit this weekend.  It’s been two years since they came up here because we go down there about once a month.  They will stay with Phil & Ruthie since they actually have a guest bedroom.  I’m trying to think of things to do while they’re here and I think I’ve got a solid plan.  Now we just have to make it to the end of the week!

fantastic friday: newlywed group

We joined another Life Group earlier this year, a “nearly/newlywed” group.  It started out with 10 couples and has dwindled down to 5.  I really love getting to know people who are in similar situations to us.  Except for the facilitators of the group none of us has kids.  And we’ve been trying to meet even on the “off” weeks (we only technically meet two times a month).  We’ve really been transparent and vulnerable with each other and it’s been a growing experience.  So thankful for this new group.

wordy wednesday: you can’t have your cake and eat it too

Today’s idiom: you can’t have your cake and eat it too

Meaning: you can’t have everything, you can’t have it both ways

Origin: The original phrase was ordered differently, it was more like: you can’t eat your cake and have it too.  Many people get confused by the more popularized version above because of the use of the word “have,” which seems to imply that you would be eating it, because what else are you going to do with a cake you “have”?  The phrase is believed to have started in 1546 and in 1749 became what it is known as today.

Sources: ny times. wikipedia.

mindful monday: parks

Today for our group we went to a nearby park.  Only a few of us showed up but it was really fun to swing, something that I don’t get to do enough.  I’ve always wanted to build an adult sized swing set whenever we buy a house.  It’s still on my internal checklist.  It’s crazy to think that as a kid I would do flips and jump from high distances.  Also, I really loved the monkey bars and was pretty good at them.  Most of the time I don’t miss being a kid, but when I think of those days, I do.

fantastic friday: celebrate

I’m thankful for my friends.  Last night we went to one of my favorite restaurants and had a blast.  The waitress was amazing and fun and she even printed out the lyrics to their birthday song so the rest of our table could sing to me.  And then tonight Jason and I went to another delicious restaurant.  It was funny how different that experience was from last night.  It was really nice tonight  but I couldn’t help but compare it to the rowdy and rambunctious experience we had before.  All in all, I would say this birthday was a success.

wordy wednesday: wear your heart on your sleeve

Today’s idiom: wear your heart on your sleeve

Meaning: not hiding your emotions, openly displaying them

Origin: There are three theories I found regarding the origin of this phrase.  1. During the middle ages when jousting was still a thing, knights would tie the colors of the lady they were supporting on their arm.  2. Also during the middle ages Emperor Claudius II didn’t allow marriage because he thought that unmarried men made better soldiers. As a compromise, he allowed temporary coupling, where during the festival of Juno men would draw a name of a woman and wear her name on his sleeve for the rest of the festival and for the rest of the year they would be a couple.  3. Shakespeare wrote it first in Othello.

Sources: threaded. phrases.

mindful monday: numbers

It’s my birthday this week.  It’s funny though, because I don’t really think about my birthday very much.  I tend to dwell on anniversary’s and ignore the birthday (yes, birthdays are anniversaries of one’s birth, but it’s different, trust me).  Sometimes I’ve even forgotten what age I am for a moment and think I’m a few years younger.  It’s weird.  That being said, I do like getting together with friends to celebrate so I am looking forward to that.

fantastic friday: wedding

It’s almost here!  Tomorrow is the Big Day.  I’m so thankful to be a part of the wedding party, to get an “inside scoop” of the day.  Kelly and Micah have some awesome friends and a wonderful community supporting them.  I’m so proud of my brother and am so excited for this new adventure they are embarking on.  Not long after they started dating, Jason and I went to visit Micah and got to meet Kelly in the context of their dating (we had met her before, but that was before they started dating).  One of the nights Kelly wasn’t feeling good and so we went out without her.  On the way to the restaurant I was commenting to Micah about name changes and he told me, “too soon.”  But we all knew, even that early on, that they were meant to be.  I’m so thankful that my brother found his best friend and partner who can share in this life with him.

wordy wednesday: apple of my eye

Today’s idiom: apple of my eye

Meaning: something or someone who is cherished above everything and everyone else

Origin: Before it became known as a pupil, the central part of the eye was known as the “apple.”  This is a very old phrase, originally found in the Bible and often attributed to King Aelfred in AD 885.  Sir Walter Scott popularized the use of the phrase in his book Old Mortality in 1816.

Sources: phrases. wikipedia

mindful monday: marriage

Our anniversary, my aunt and uncle’s anniversary, and my brother’s wedding is this week.  I’m excited to celebrate so much love and am so so excited to have another awesome sister-in-law.  We’ll be driving down to SoCal for the wedding (we’re both in it) and will be carpooling with a friend from the Bay Area.  It’s going to be a long drive, but I’m excited about this trip and all that it represents.  Here’s to Love.

fantastic friday: relaxing

The last few weekends have been really busy and the next few weekends will be the same.  It’s nice to just spend some time at home.  Tomorrow we’re going to spend time with Phil and Ruthie and go see a play put on by a local theatre group.  I’m really looking forward to it since all the other local plays I’ve been to have been fantastic.  For now, I’ll enjoy my quite time at home.