apparently paint balling and humidity don’t mix well

When I finally made my way downstairs, Indy was making eggs, cooked to order.  I got my own plate of scrambled and sat with the others as we each enjoyed our preferences.  While we waited for the rest to wake up and join us, we started playing a game called “Resistance,” a game of hidden identities where some were spies who tried to sabotage the plans of those in the resistance group.  David ended up being the spy quite a few times, creating the assumption that he was always the spy.

I called the airport baggage claim number to see if they were going to deliver our bag.  They let me know that they would call beforehand and that it should be anywhere from 4-6pm.  We wanted to go paintballing and so decided that gave us enough time.  We piled into the van, waited for the blessed a/c to cool us down, and were on our way.

About 45 minutes later we had arrived at the paintball fields.  We got our gear and paintballs and suited up.  It was another humid day and I was wearing double layers since I didn’t want to ruin my normal clothes.  Sam was gracious enough to let me borrow a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt to put over my clothes.  It was pretty miserable once I put the mask on.   We were informed of the safety rules by a staff member and made our way to the first paintball field we were going to wage war in.  The group was divided up, with the color of our team taped around our arm.

We split off into the groups and each made our way to our side of the field.  I had left my sunglasses on and was really starting to sweat, meaning that I couldn’t really see unless I tilted my head down to look over my glasses.  I tried to take the glasses off while still wearing the mask but it didn’t work.  I hid behind a nice barricade and finally made my way up the field, managing to avoid being shot.  A paintball bounced off the ground and hit my leg, but didn’t burst.  Another one hit me right between the knuckles of my right hand, but that one didn’t pop either.  I thought that was counted as a hit so I held up my gun and made my way to the base.

I found those of our group that were also out and told them what happened.  They let me know that it doesn’t count unless the ball breaks but that I might as well stick around since I had already surrendered.  I took the opportunity to take off my glasses and get a swig of water.  I could feel the heat radiating off my face and appreciated the cooler air that hit my face.  Not long after that the game ended and everyone that was left gathered in the base.  We were allowed to rest a bit before they instructed us on the next location.  Our team was downhill while the other team had a great advantage in being able to camp out on the top of the hill above us.  They also had better coverage, actual buildings to hide in, while we just had logs and some wooden barricades propped up along the hill.

Jason and I started together but he eventually had me cover him while he made is way further up the hill to another barricade not far from ours.  I tried to poke my head up long enough to shoot but I wasn’t sure if I hit anyone.  Someone else from our team, but not someone I knew joined me behind the barricade but he was bolder than me and soon was shot out.  I watched as David and then Sam slid down the hill next to me to join Indy (pretty cool moves, guys).  Not long before the game ended I got shot in the left hand and this time it did pop.

I again joined our group to await the next game.  We moved down to a different base and at first they were going to have us play capture the flag.  Eventually that idea was abandoned in favor of the location, which didn’t really lend itself to capture the flag.  Again our teams spread out, but this playing field was even.  It looked a set from a post-apocalyptic movie, an abandoned mini van sat in the middle, riddled with paint splatters, hollowed out buildings stood at attention on each side of the field, and the ground was barren.  This was the most involved game that I played.  I actually made it almost to the front of the line and didn’t go out.  But because of the heat I was starting to feel a bad headache coming on, despite the copious amounts of water I was drinking.  I decided to call it a day and hang out at the picnic benches to wait for the rest of the group.  Sam decided to join me as she was also getting a headache.  We made our way back to the entrance, returned our gear, I shed my extra layers of clothing and then got something to eat.  We chatted a bit before the rest of the group joined us.  Apparently there were too many people in the group and so they split them up even further.

The rest of the group dropped off their gear and we all loaded into the car, tired but content.  We had dinner and then headed home.

I had a raging headache and so took a two hour nap.  Fortunately my headache went away by the time Sam and Taylor were ready to go to Mass.  Jason and I joined them and we drove the 5 minutes to the campus church.  The building was beautiful, white, high-ceilinged, and open.  I would have loved to see it in the early morning light, with the sunlight filtering through the high windows.  We followed the service alright, with Sam pointing out the group readings when we couldn’t find them.  Jason and Taylor chose to receive the blessing while Sam and I stood back to let others line up.  I had been to a Mass before, a First Communion, but this was the first “normal” Mass service I had ever been to.  It was really beautiful.

Eventually, at about 11:20 our luggage arrived.  Yahoo!


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