in which i get a massage

Sam, Indy, and I decided to visit a spa and let the guys fend for themselves for a few hours.  We had done some research and I found a place called Massage Envy were first time clients could get their massage for a reduced rate.  It was by far the cheapest option and so we made our app’ts for 11 and 11:30.  Sam and I had never had a professional massage before but Indy had gone to quite a few and so was able to give us a few tips.

We arrived 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and get a quick rundown of our massages.  Indy and I were seen first and each taken to our massage rooms.  The room had low lighting and soft music playing.  My massage therapist, Anna, explained how the 50 minute massage would work and asked what areas gave me the most trouble.  She let me get ready and then started with my scalp.  I think I easily could have fallen asleep during the massage.  The bed was slightly heated and it was all so relaxing.

After the session was over, Anna walked me to the lobby where the bright lighting was a shock after the low lighting and darker tones of the massage area.  Indy and I waited for Sam to finish.  Sam and her massage therapist were laughing and Sam was apologizing as she came into the lobby.  She explained that when her therapist was showing her the door out, she thought she was opening her arms for a hug and so she gave her therapist a hug.  We all had a laugh about it as we headed back to the house.

The guys were playing games.  We lounged around for most of the afternoon until Indy converted her Norwegian recipe lapskaus, a beef stew, from the metric system.  We girls made a run to Whole Foods to pick up the supplies, and while Indy slaved away in the kitchen, the rest of us played more games.   We had thought about going to a ballroom dancing class in the evening but the weather was stormy and we were all tired.  I ate my chili and the rest ate Indy’s stew and then we hung out and, yes that’s right, played more games.  I started to learn a new game but then realized how tired I was and actually went to bed before 2am.


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