fantastic friday: virginia

Another relaxing day.  This was the first time that the humidity was not oppressive and it was actually pleasant to be outside.  Alisha was going to make us some Thai soup and so we made another run to Whole Foods.  On our way home we stopped by Sam’s parents house so we could meet her family.  Her dad was on his way out so we didn’t really get to meet him, but we saw her mom and some of her siblings (she has 6).

When we got back to the house I agreed to learn a new game, Lords of Waterdeep.  Yup, I really love it, Jason was right.  David had a bus to catch at 5 and so it was a little bittersweet.  We had talked about taking the metro again but ultimately decided against it.  Taylor drove us and we hit traffic not far from the exit.  We had planned on getting out to give hugs and linger a little but David had to run to the station and gave us all a hurried goodbye.  Then there were 7.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out, eating, and playing games.  I know I was a little anxious about the visit, not really knowing any of the people.  But I’m so glad I tagged along and got to experience all these adventures.  I do like Virginia and the people here and wouldn’t mind another visit, though probably more in the Fall or Spring so as to avoid some of the humidity.


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