mindful monday: rummage

So it’s kinda funny that I wrote about stuff last week and then on Saturday Jason and I went to a huge annual rummage sale.  I’m pretty proud of us, though, because we walked away from it only about $30 poorer.  We only bought things we felt really strongly about (though I almost convinced myself to get a $25 China set that was gorgeous and in great condition) and didn’t get overloaded with a bunch of crap.  It was so interesting to see all the things that were sold there.  We went into one building that just had women’s clothing and I was going to look around until I realized that the line was pretty much wrapped around the entire room.  Yeah, I was not going to spend time shifting through all those clothes to only buy one item (though I ran into a co-worker who stood in line for over an hour for like, two items).  I think we’ll go next year because it’s a great place to find cheap craft supplies and gifts for birthdays or Christmas.  I actually found the perfect gift for my brother, whose birthday is next month.

Anyway, it was pretty fun and I think we did it perfectly.  We didn’t arrive until about 10am though it opened at 8am.  Another co-worker told me that people line up an hour or two before they open the gates and once they’re opened, there’s a mad rush and people will start shoving things into bags and then sorting through them later.  That sounds insane and crazy-making.  We pretty leisurely walked through the buildings and didn’t have to fight people off for the things we wanted.  It was pretty nice, if you ask me.


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