fantastic friday: shower

Tonight I went to a baby shower for my friend Anna.  Ruthie was one of the planners and she did a wonderful job.  It was a very quiet, intimate gathering and it was nice to meet some of Anna’s other friends.  One of her friends gave her a foot massage, did her toenails, and also gave her belly a henna tattoo.  We each decorated a fabric triangle for a banner that Ruthie will construct later and it was fun to see what others came up with.

I’m thankful for showers.  It’s so beautiful to hear the advice from the other mothers (Ruthie and I were the only ones who aren’t moms yet); to see the love they have for their children, and the support I know they’ll be to Anna.  I look forward to the day when I will enter into motherhood, though I can certainly wait.  Those women were such a beautiful testament to the wonder that comes with being a mom and I was thankful to be a part of the celebration of this little baby and his mom.


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