mindful monday: Ruthie

Her birthday is tomorrow and we’re going over to their house to eat dinner and hang out.  I’m bringing a wheat-free pumpkin cake (another couple is coming too and she’s wheat-intolerant) with cream cheese frosting, yum.  It seems like there have been a lot of birthdays lately, or a lot coming up.

We’ve known Ruthie and Phil for about two years now and it’s been a wonderful friendship.  We’ve decided that Phil and I are basically the same person and Ruthie and Jason are basically the same person.  Wherever I’m not like Phil I’m like Ruthie, and wherever Jason’s not like Ruthie he’s like Phil.  It’s great to have such friends.

In college I mostly kept to myself, going over to Jason’s after school to have dinner and hang out.  We went to church and started meeting new people there.  I’ve known a lot of people who go to college and make life-long friendships.  That’s not what happened with me, but I feel like Phil and Ruthie are my after-college life-long friends.


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