fantastic friday: halloween

I’ve never really been a fan of Halloween.  As a kid I wasn’t into it and that carried on into my adulthood.  It’s not that my parents didn’t support it or anything, it was self motivated.  I did go trick-or-treating a few times when I was a teenager and it was pretty fun.  One year we all dressed up like characters from Lord of the Rings and I was a Ring Wraith.  Another year, with the same group, Micah and I dressed up like “gangsters.”  I wore a pair of my dad’s pants, cinched up and very baggy, a big t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt, and I tucked my hair up into a baseball cap.  I actually had a few people think I was a guy, it was pretty funny.

Anyway, for some reason I was actually excited about Halloween this year.  Our Marriage Life Group decided to get together and we all dressed up (Jason was a debonair vampire and I was a Minion (thanks, Ruthie!)) and had dinner.  We saw some wild costumes, both inside the restaurant and outside, where it was quite cold.  We had a fun time and didn’t get home until almost Midnight.  I’m thankful that we participated this year, even if we didn’t do the trick-or-treat thing (actually, probably because we didn’t).


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