storm front

title: Storm Front: Book One of the Dresden Files

author: Jim Butcher

genre: Fiction, sci-fi, wizardry

suggested by: Jen L.

dates read: Jan 29th-Feb 1st

review: 4 out of 5 stars

summary: Harry Dresden is a modern-day wizard who advertises this fact to make a living, though lately he hasn’t been getting enough business.  He’s on call with the Chicago police force and at the start of his tale is called in to investigate a gruesome double homicide.  He also manages to get another job finding a woman’s missing husband.  As he works to unravel both mysteries, he finds himself being threatened and also blamed for the murders.

personal thoughts: At first I wasn’t sure about the first-person perspective, but I found myself enjoying Harry’s voice and being drawn into his emotions and thoughts as he worked.  He seemed a little dorky and I appreciated that.  It wasn’t until about halfway through the book that he really got to display his prowess with magic and that’s when the story really got exciting for me.  Again, this is not the type of story I would normally read but I did enjoy it.  I liked the kind of unrefined Sherlock Holmes meets MacGyver meets Gandolf character of Harry Dresden.  It was a fun read and nice after the heaviness of “The Book of Night Women.”

favorite quotes:
“Paranoid?  Probably.  But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that there isn’t an invisible demon about to eat your face.” p.9

“I could sense, waiting, the fire of the deadly lightning, leaping from cloud to cloud above and seeking a path of least resistance to the patient, timeless earth that bore the brunt of the storm’s attack.” p. 163

“The world is getting weirder.  Darker every single day.  Things are spinning around faster and faster, and threatening to go completely awry.  Falcons and falconers.  The center cannot hold.” p.322


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