of bees and mist

title: Of Bees and Mist

author: Erick Setiawan

genre: Fiction, fable, fantasy

suggested by: Alison B.

dates read: Feb 25th – Feb 28th & March 2nd – March 4th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Following the lives of Meridia, her family, and the family she marries into, this debut novel is full of love, revenge, heartache, and resilience.  As Meridia goes from the distant and frigid environment of her childhood home to her husband’s family and her mother-in-law’s constant presence and manipulation, she finds out about herself and the strength she possesses.

personal thoughts: I didn’t get it at first, but when I read the inside flap and saw “fable,” it somehow made more sense to me.  Ultimately, I loved this story and couldn’t wait to read it when I wasn’t already doing so.  Setiawan does a fantastic job with his prose and the haunting quality of his characters and story.  There are only a few quotes below because I was overwhelmed by the beauty of his writing and thought it would be best if I didn’t copy the whole thing.  This is also the very first book that was suggested to me for this project.  Yay, Alison!

favorite quotes:
“The fury of her pots and pans kept visitors away, while her air of absentmindedness spun a web of solitude about her.” p. 5

“‘My father,’ he answered.  ‘He thinks the secrets of the universe are far easier to understand than a woman’s heart.'” p. 55

“Her figure diminished into a spare geometry of bones.” p. 212

“Despite herself, she kept waiting for a hand to reach out from the dark and reverse her sorrow.” p. 346


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