labor day

title: Labor Day

author: Joyce Maynard

genre: Fiction, fugitive, romance, coming of age

suggested by: BuzzFeed

dates read: March 5th – March 6th

review:  5 out of 5 stars

summary: Thirteen-year-old Henry lives with his somewhat of a shut in mother.  Every Saturday night he goes to dinner with his dad and his dad’s “new” family.  Life is not very exciting.  The weekend before he’s to return to school, also known as Labor Day weekend, a fugitive asks for his help and he and his mom take Frank home with them.  What follows is the story of a young boy who’s learning to live, and a mother who’s learning to love again.

personal thoughts: Henry’s voice is so well written.  There was something about the description of the hot summer nights, laying in bed and listening to the sounds of life outside, that made me think about my own experiences with that.  I was transported back to the time when I still lived with my parents, when summer meant no school and staying up late, the sun taking its time at the end of the day, and falling asleep to the sound of crickets through the open window.  It brought on the wonderful feeling of nostalgia and the appreciation that I have such memories.  I also loved the story Henry told, and the perspective he had of their experiences with Frank.  Both heart wrenching and beautiful, I think BuzzFeed was right to suggest it.

favorite quotes:
“My mother stared straight ahead, as if she was Luke Skywalker, manning the controls of the X-wing jet. Headed to some other galaxy. The mall.” p. 4

“maybe it was having Frank around that last couple of days . . .and the feeling it gave me that the world was such a crazy place you might as well just go for it. . .” p. 130


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