gathering blue

title: Gathering Blue

author: Lois Lowry

genre: Fiction, orphan, gifted

dates read: April 18th – April 20th

review: 5 of 5 stars

summary: Kira is a young girl with a gift for embroidery and has a terribly deformed leg.  When her mother dies and she becomes an orphan, the others in the village want to cast her out, since those with deformities are typically left out to die in the field.  Her supernatural gift is her saving grace and she is taken in by the town leaders to help repair a robe worn every year during an important ceremony.  She meets another gifted boy who is a carver.  As she learns how to dye thread from an old woman, she also begins to find out the secrets of her town.

personal thoughts: I’ve read “The Giver” a few times and really loved it.  When I found out there were other books in the “series,” I was really excited, though I never read them.  This is the second book and though it doesn’t really continue the story told in “The Giver,” there are some similar themes.  I love Lowry’s work and have also read “Number the Stars.”  I definitely want to read the rest of the quartet and see what other stories are told there.  Her books are YA, but they are not childish, they deal with real struggle and the ideals of compassion and courage.

favorite quotes:
“As she watched the spirit of her mother drift away, she had seen the cindered fragments of her childhood life whirl into the sky as well.” p. 2

“it made her smile, to see it, to see how the pen formed the shapes and the shapes told a story of a name.” p. 89

“In a dreamlike way, Kira felt herself, small, inside the curve made by his arched fingers, inside the memory of her mother.” p. 200


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