abraham lincoln: vampire hunter

title: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

author: Seth Grahame-Smith

genre: Fiction, semi-historical, vampires

dates read: April 20 – April 22nd

review: 4 out of 5 stars

summary: Abraham Lincoln was known as the president who fought against slavery. Grahame-Smith paints a very different picture of a man who spent many nights slaying vampires. Using journals written by Lincoln, and the documentation from others during that time, he reveals “secrets” that were hidden from history. Showing the struggles that Lincoln faced when he started a family, and later when he was ruling a nation, he is revealed to be a hero to both.

personal thoughts: I loved the blend of fiction and reality, just enough of each to be almost believable. What an interesting idea, one that I think was executed well. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that I think it was beautiful and very fitting. All the “journal entries” caught my attention and I’d be curios to see if they do exist.  As we all know, celebrities have their own “secret lives,” what a cool and noble one for the great Lincoln.

favorite quotes:
“There are but two types of men who desire war: those who haven’t the slightest intention of fighting it themselves, and those who haven’t the slightest idea what it is.” p. 56

“It is a strange thing how quickly the body dies.  How fragile a force our presence is.” p. 168

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