dark places

title: Dark Places: A Novel

author: Gillian Flynn

genre: Fiction, murder mystery, family

suggested by: BuzzFeed

dates read: June 11th – June 12th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Libby Day is the only surviving member of the brutal massacre of her mother and two sisters.  Her brother Ben was the accused murdered and the story picks up 24 years later, with Ben still serving time and Libby almost out of the charitable money she received as a child “orphan” (her deadbeat father is still alive, somewhere).  She encounters a group, the Kill Club, who believe Ben is innocent and are willing to pay her to talk to those involved in her past life.  Alternately telling the story from Patty’s (Libby’s mother) and Ben’s perspective the day leading up to the massacre, and present day Libby, Lynn eloquently shows how not everything is black and white, not everything is what it seems.

personal thoughts: Flynn does it again.  This story captivated me from the beginning and I spent the whole time wondering whodunit and how it was going to end.  At least from my perspective, I felt like Lynn created a believable family history, the dynamics between each relationship felt organic, and the past (1985) and present (2009) were right.  The despair and struggles are real, and so are the triumphs.  I look forward to this coming out in theatres.

favorite quotes:
“Coffee goes great with sudden death.” p. 2

“Ben and the girls were always accusing her of taking sides – Ben forever being asked to have patience with the small, ribboned creatures, the girls forever being begged to hush now, don’t bother your brother.” p. 22

“I appreciate a straightforward apology the way a tone-deaf person enjoys a fine piece of music.  I can’t do it, but I can applaud it in others.” p. 88

“The sky was draining quickly now, the horizon just a cuticle of pink.” p. 306


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