for whom the bell tolls

title: For Whom the Bell Tolls

author: Ernest Hemingway

genre: Fiction, war time, romance

suggested by: Will F.

dates read: June 22nd – June 27th

review: 2 out of 5 stars

summary: Robert Jordan, an American fighting in the Spanish Civil War, is tasked with blowing up a bridge to help defeat the fascist army.  He partners up with a guerrilla group to help him with the task and they share the war experiences and their lives for a handful of days.  Written with the third person limited omniscient narrative, Hemingway uses this to occasionally show the perspective of the “other side.”

personal thoughts: I did not enjoy this book.  The thees and thous drove me crazy and, while I don’t mind introspection, I was not fond of the style or length in this.  There was not a lot that happened in the book and it seemed disjointed at times.  Hemingway chose to not use any English swear words, instead saying “muck,” “obscenity,” or “unprintable,” which made the reading awkward and really highlighted the swearing even more.  This was not my favorite read.  It might have also been affected by my being on vacation and distracted by the people I wanted to hang out with.

favorite quote:
“it is sometimes more of a risk not to accept chances which are necessary to take but I have done this so far, trying to let the situation take its own course.” p. 63


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