love that dog

title: Love That Dog

author: Sharon Creech

genre: Fiction, poetry

suggested by: Ruthie B.

date read: June 27th

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Jack is assigned to Miss Stretchberrry’s class and they are studying and writing poetry.  At first Jack is opposed to writing poetry, saying it’s for girls.  He slowly warms up and eventually lets Mss Stretchberry put his poetry up for the rest of the class to read.  At the encouragement of Miss Stretchberry, he even writes about his deceased dog, Sky and manages to convince a published poetry author to visit their classroom.

personal thoughts:  What a sweet story and the style was wonderfully unique and beautifully child-like.  I even cried a little.  I think Jack captured the often times confusing nature of poetry but it was fun to see his journey as he started to understand and appreciate it.  I highly recommend this for readers of all ages.

favorite quotes:
“If that is a poem
about the red wheelbarrow
and the white chickens
then any words
can be a poem.
You’ve just got to
lines.” p. 3

when you are trying
not to think about something
it keeps popping back
into your head
you can’t help it
you think about it
think about it
think about it
until your brain
feels like
a squashed pea.” p. 64