title: Pegasus

author: Robin McKinley

genre: Fiction, fantasy, pegasi, friendship

dates read: June 27th – July 1st

review: 5 out of 5 stars

summary: Princess Sylviianel is turning 12, which means she will be bound to her own pegasus.  The tradition of a human and a pegasus bonding started almost a thousand years ago with a treaty between the two peoples as a way to preserve the pegasi and allow the humans a place to reside.  Pegasi did not have the means to protect their lands from those who would overrun it, while the humans had the means and the power to do so.  Because their languages are so different, only though magic and specially appointed Speakers are the individuals able to communicate.  Sylvi meets her pegasus, Ebon, and they find that they are able to communicate directly through silent speech.  This makes some of those in power uncomfortable and sets in motion many changes for both peoples.

personal thoughts: I already know I love Robin McKinley, so when I saw this book I knew I had to add it to the list.  And I was not disappointed.  She’s created a beautiful world where two species live in harmony, or they’re trying to.  Sylvi’s whole family seems warm and loving, despite the obvious strains of ruling a country.  I love the relationship between Sylvi and Ebon and the close bond the share.  The world and culture of the pegasi is fascinating and I wish someone would make a [good] movie about this.  I did read a review that bemoaned the abrupt ending and I have to agree.  It looks like there will be two more books in the series, but the next one won’t be released until next year.  I will definitely be returning to this.

favorite quotes:
“‘Imagine learning to swim by being thrown into a lake of perfect darkness, never having seen water before.'” p. 7

“Why was there no…no feel to it, this great important thing? Why did it seem no more than a silken representation on a banner, this thing that Balsin had called the foundation upon which their country was built?” p. 126

“‘breaking tradition always comes with a noise like mountains falling.'” p. 177

“what was a glorious tale in the history books was grim and awful when it was happening to you.” p. 376


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